Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anthropologie in The Domain

This store is in a more upscale shopping mall, it is smaller, and has a different vibe than the one downtown. They always have music playing, which may or may not be to my taste, but they play it too loud regardless. I guess their target demographic totally misses my age group. Like most stores these days. HaHa

Anyhow, they were just starting their displays too, so my timing could have been better. They had one wall in one room that was changed so far. I notice that I did not get a shot of the entire wall, just sections at a time.

Left section.

Close-up of above.

Notice the painting in the first two? Well this is what they did to it. That made it great, for me anyhow.

Middle section. I really like that chair.

Third section, still in progress.

This fabric on the wall felt like "felt". I like the way it was painted, photo can't do it justice.

Pretty necklace, but I really took the photo for the stand. They actually make most of their props, and this was no exception.

Oh, I actually did make a purchase. I had seen these bracelets when they first came in, and they were $58. For two. Needless to say, I left them there, and apparently a lot of other folks did as well. They were in the Sale Room marked down to $19.99 for two. Much more to my liking so I bought them. I actually got just one set in this color and another in black and cream.

Every Anthropologie that I have gone to always has live plants in their displays. I think these are some kind of shamrock plant. I've always loved them. What was kind of neat is they had them in these cheapie pressed glass bowls that I used to see in drugstores and Woolworths. When I was a little girl of course.... You have to click on the photos above to see the pressed glass bowls. In this display they are in these really pretty clay urns.


  1. I like the buttons on the painting. That's a cool idea. And the necklace is gorgeous!!

  2. I tried my hand at the buttons on a painting featured on my blog