Saturday, July 2, 2011

This weeks ICADs

I'm really enjoying doing these cards. Some are taking 5-10 minutes, some a bit longer. I'm really glad I started, as it is getting me back in the habit of actually finishing some little thing every day. I need that..instead of starting things, then walking away and starting something else, which I tend to do.

Starbucks fliers and other bits of papers.

Altered photo of the Mockingbird nest outside my front door. Blogged about it on my other blog. Click the link in the sidebar if you want to read about the bird/egg saga.

List of my out and abouts for the day.

Cutting and pasting scraps while watching tv.

self explanatory.


  1. I can really see you're enjoying making them!

    I like the one with the bird the most of this set, but they are all lovely :)

  2. Cool!! I like them all....and they all have little stories to tell.