Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A long time gone from here

It's been months since I've been by here, so I'll just start with a bunch of Anthropologie photos, all taken over some time.  First, Austin in the Domain store, a set up like a coffee shop.

 Coffee rings stamped on a large canvas panel.

Miscellaneous displays on a trip to same store a few weeks later.
 Chartruese bowls, my favorite color.
 Hanging metal discs on wall painted with blue chevron pattern
 metal discs, staples, paper clips on burlap netting.
 Assorted frames painted bright green
 Pretty pillow
Stencilled table runner
 Pennies glued to fabric in green frame
 Paint splattered display table

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

still in love

With Anthropologie. When I'm feeling blue and haven't created anything...I often head off for a trip to Anthropologie. There are two in town, with a totally different vibe in each one. The downtown one is larger and has a little more of the Austin feeling. The one in The Domain is smaller and has a more upscale retail mall feel. Even though they have the same merchandise, just different design teams.

I've been posting most of my Anthro photos lately directly to Flickr, so I haven't kept the blog up to date. I still get very enthused and want to rush home and "make something".

These are all from the Downtown location, 6th St. and Lamar.

Fabric/felt board behind iron bed.

Yellow shoes and fabric cacti

Flowers made from hot glue, and sign made from wire.

Slides on wires strung across display niche.

Close-up of ceramic horse head.

Close-up of slides

Giant chandelier made of film slides, and close-up. That is the hubster standing in the shot to show the scale of this thing.

They were working on their window display to celebrate Earth Day this week-end, and it was looking very exciting. I'm planning on going back on Saturday as I will be downtown for other Earth Day festivities.