Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Group of ICADS makes me Happy!

Here's a photo of the last group I did. I think I put most of them on Flickr, but lately I've been easily confused and more disorganized than usual. One 105 degree day just kind of blends into another. Will this Texas summer ever end? Thankfully I am in Chicago right now, and enjoying much cooler temps and even some RAIN awhile ago. I've done a few ICADS while on the road, but may not post them till I get home.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Keeping up with ICAD

I've been using a manilla envelope for a backdrop for photgraphing all of my Icads. I think it keeps them more consistent looking. I am having trouble feeling creative. We've had temps of 105, 107, 108, for way over a week. I've lost track of how many days. Being inside in A/C alternating with going out in the heat(as little as possible) but still can't avoid it altogether. I'm having more migraines, so I've had to take time out to deal with those. That makes me crabby and it's hard to feel creative when not feeling well. Anyhow, here are the ones from the past few days.

1 August. Paper from a catalog, transparency strips, tape.

2 August. Clouds from a magazine, pitt pen, Scrapbook border strips.

3 August. Woven paper strips, metallic tape, soda bottle top, metal brad.

4 August. Prompt:Numbers. A Cavallini tape sampler. That's it. Feeling tired and lazy.

This is the little tin of paper tapes made by Cavallini. I found them last week at Paper Source.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm ICADing as Fast as I Can

I've still been managing to get one a day done, here's the ones from the 25th through the 30th.

25th. Loved the colors of this gift card from Target. Didn't turn out very well, but here you have it anyhow!

26th. Loving roosters, red and turquoise. The photo makes the color look more blue than it actually is. Card from a favorite restuarant.

27th. Doodling with the Pitt pens, "landscape" colors set.

28th. Collage, micron pen drawing. Prompt: Freedom

29th. Large sponge stamp, Pitt pens in the "landscape" colors set. Prompt: Owl

30th. Cut up an Arizona Iced tea can.