Friday, July 15, 2011

Still in the Game

Hey Folks,
I'm still in the ICAD challenge, have been doing, just haven't had time to photo and upload. I took these late in the day yesterday, the light wasn't really good, so I'll do the rest today. I know scanning would be the way to go for better effects, but grabbing the camera is so much quicker.

5 July.. B&W papers, Japanese masking tape.

6 July.. Tim Holtz tape background, Sparkly stickers.

7 July.. Spritzed background, collage.

9 July.. Felt background, stitched, embellished. This is my Magic Carpet Ride!

This one didn't photograph well, I may have to re-do it. It looks fabulous in person, IMHO! LOL

I took the 8th as my "no card" day as I was out of town.


  1. I think that last one looks pretty fabulous as it is. Must be amazing in person!

  2. You're definitely still in the game with these cards! They're all so unique and wonderful.

  3. I just bought the Tim Holtz tape yesterday!! I can't wait to use it and love how yours looks :)!!!