Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthropologie in Downtown Chicago

Remember, I've told you that I love the stores because you never know what you'll see in each one. They all sell the same merchandise, but their design teams do different things with the same materials. This one is on two levels. Each photo is clickable to view details. There are a lot of photos, so if you are not totally enthralled with Anthropologie, I understand if you opt out. I tell hubby all the time that I need a living space this large to hang all my "treasures". He agrees, but we haven't quite quite figured out a way yet that we can make it happen.

Central area of store

Orange Hat

Smashed beer cans on orange wall

LOVED this window. It was over 3 feet deep

Me, on the inside

Hubby, on the outside


From top of stairs

First wall at bottom of stairs

Pale collage tucked in a corner under the stairs

Low ceilings, recessed lighting

Cool signs

Mixture of "stuff"


Fixture made from large pots.

Lots of dishtowels

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's go to Anthropologie

I haven't done a post about Anthropologie in quite awhile. I visited two of the stores while in Chicago. One was in one of those really nice malls in the city of Geneva. The other was downtown. I'd like to have gone to more of them, but just ran out of time. They were both interesting, and each one different. Remember, images are clickable to view larger.
In Geneva Commons:
Rather ordinary exterior for an Anthro store.

A huge installation of wooden hangers over the registers. Photo does not do it justice, it was much cooler in person.

On a narrow post they had used these for photo display.

Wall of torn fabric strips.

Close-up torn fabric strips, the fabrics were very opulent.

Always love their mirror displays. Always!
Reflecting light fixtures in center of store.

Hubbys legs & boots.

This clipboard display wall would be fun to use as an Inspiration board.

Big board of spectacle frames.

My favorite of course.

I'll do Downtown Chicago store in the next post.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


With the exception of a couple of pair of shoes and my reading glasses, you won't find much red in my life at all. I hardly ever use it in my artwork. So this continuing set of ICADS seemed like a double challenge for me. But I took a deep breath and added my name to the list. Red does not HAVE to be used in each one, there are additional prompts as well. But once you hear the word, it's kind of hard to put it out of your mind, at least for me it is.

Here is what I usually buy, colorwise:

I had to search a long time to find this old Chalk Ink pad in Warm Red. Likewise a couple of bottles of red from Golden sets. Then I went and bought the Liquitex tube of Pyrrole Crimson, and another jar of some kind of bright red.

My first set of Red cards. I am not wild about any of these cards. But, remember, I am trying to NOT rely on collage so much, so that is an extra challenge thrown into the mix.
You will see off to the right a notebook cover I did using red. It's a sketch book for my nephew.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Summer of ICAD Has Come to a Close

This is it. I am finished with the challenge. I can't believe I managed to last to the end. I am having mixed feelings about continuing on with the new one that started on Sept. 1st. One the one hand, this challenge got me to do the only creating I actually did all summer. So that is a good thing. And I really started to enjoy the small "index card" format, even the flimsy cards, and the "NOT preciousness" of them. However, I think I need a bit of a break. But, if I do, can I continue to create on my own? Well, I'll decide in the next day or two. I already did a card yesterday and today, so I won't get too far behind if I decide to commit to the next two months.

Here they are...Wish I could put them in a grid, but I don't know how.

Whew! That's a lot. There are some missing, ones I did while in Chicago. It was hard for me doing them on the road, because I could only carry a few supplies with me. Difficult for me to I am mainly a collage kind of gal. The ones from August 17th through the 20th are on the Flickr site. They were nothing to write home about..if you know what I mean. But I am proud of myself for managing to get them done while away.