Saturday, July 16, 2011

Halfway Through The ICAD Project

Well, the people who started June first have 45 cards. I didn't hear about it until later, so I started on the 16th, and have 30 cards. I have really enjoyed doing this project, for a couple of reasons. It has gotten me back in the habit of creating daily, which makes me feel happy. Also, I am "revisiting" my art supplies, and reorganizing them and trying out some old techniques I hadn't used in a long time. It's so fun to see what other people are doing as well. I really want to learn to do zentangles now, and I want and need to practice my sketching skills. This should bring me up to date, including the celebration card for the Halfway mark. I had a migraine this morning so am still feeling a little loopy from the meds I had to take, so the card I did today may be a little off balance. But most days I myself am a little off balance, and that's just the way it is.

10 July, collage

11 July, Picture from Anthro catalog, a sticker and white pen.

12 July, collage, rubberstamping.

13 July, collage

14 July, I love Hello Kitty, that's all!

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