Friday, July 22, 2011

And now for something different

It's been awhile since I've taken you with me to Anthropologie. I've been there lately, but the displays either haven't been that interesting, or haven't changed. Right now they all seem to be working on their end of Summer leading into Fall/Back to School. Both stores I visited this week are "in process". The gals promised me they would be "awesome" by next week, or finished by the week after next. Can't remember for sure as I did a "shoot and run" at both stores. This one on Thursday. It is downtown, so I was able to run into Whole Foods for breakfast and spend a bit of time at Paper Source as well. I was a Happy Girl. Three of my favorite places in a cluster. West Elm is there also, but that requires a visit all unto itself.

Side window from the street. I always like this window as it has the palm fronds framing it.

Front entrance window. Large design was painted on window, hanging behind was cut out paper. Notice the turquoise and orange color combo?

Inside the same entrance window.

They had just started this one. Four or five people running around in all directions, setting things up. Ladders everywhere.

I think this one wasn't quite finished either. Check out the "spools" they had the clothes hanging on. I have a few of those spools left from my "country" decorating days. They had several frames with fabric cut outs in them, parts of shirts. Cute.

I think I'll post the other store tomorrow.


  1. You're so lucky to have such interesting and inspiring stores close by. There is nothing like this where we live....unless I want to fight traffic and drive to L.A.

  2. Janet, If I ever come to L.A. again, you'll just have to brave that traffic and come meet me so we can "do Anthropologie" together. Like I've said before, it is like going to an Art Gallery.