Monday, May 25, 2009

Everywhere I look I see Stencils!

What does this lace look like? A new scarf, fabric to make a sexy see-through something or other? Oh no, it is a stencil, and a mighty fine one I might add. It makes a great background, or an overlay shadow on a face or scene.

And here are some more. My friend Sue sent me several packages of felt ornaments. I'm going to use the butterflies first. I may have to save the Orange, fuschia, turquoise, and chartreuse ones to use as is. Don't they look pretty together? I will use the pale pink one to spray over.

Friday, May 22, 2009

But WAIT, there's more!

Don't you love it when you are watching a commercial for some odd thing that they assume we are all waiting by the phone to call in for, and they say "But wait, there's more"? Call in the next 5 minutes, etc. etc. That is one of our many favorite one liners around here, when telling someone a story, we add, "But wait, there's more." Goofy, but it makes me laugh!

Here's a few more pages in various progress. I am trying to get lots of "beginnings" done while the weather holds out, because once it turns hot again, I will not be outside any more than I have to.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's a few more experiments

Close-up of the blueprint pieces. I forgot to mention these are large, about 20x24 inches. I will use some of them as gift wrap or tear up for elements for other pieces. The deer stag one is for my Daddy.

Top one is Bristol, 11x17, with lace, garden ornaments and floral stencil. Bottom is just a colorful Juicy Couture ad with lace stenciled over. Raw materials for something else. I like spraying over magazine pages, and esp. like large fashion ads.

This doesn't look like much, but I like how it turned out. It's a magazine ad for a chandelier, all black with some grey and white. I sprayed over the white text at the top and bottom and used only the chandelier stencil from Stencil Me In, over the shadowy image on the ad. Hard to photograph because it is glossy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stencil Results

Here are a few of the pages I did the last couple of days.

These two are miscellaneous stencils using blueprint paper as background.

Several pages that will be used as journal pages with more added to them later.

I'm Baaaack!!

My stencil workshop is back in business!

I'm so happy to report that the rain stopped, and the wind slowed down to 8 miles an hour. I was finally able to spend a few hours in the back yard happily spraying away. I was beginning to think the elements were going to defeat me forever. Even with 5 to 8 mile an hour winds I ended up doing a lot of running about to catch the pages that blew away if I didn't weight them down with paint cans. But at least they stayed in my own yard, not the neighbors 3 doors down. The best time for spraying is with NO wind at all....but that hasn't happened here in Texas in ages. Anyhow, I spent several hours both Monday and yesterday out there until I was exhausted, but got a lot of good backgrounds and some pages I am happy with. Today is the last day of relatively cool weather so I am going at it again today. Tomorrow and into the week-end we are supposed to be back in the 90's and high humidity. Sounds like hibernation time for me, and maybe I can get some inside artwork done. Pictures later today, I have so many pages I can't decide which to choose.