Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wheres My Link?

Geez...I feel really dense. I tried to put a link to those Mechanics lights in the last post, but it did not show up. A friend has explained to me how to do it, but I guess she is going to have to physically come over here and do it for me. Still so many things I want to learn about this blog thing.

I am still crushing on blue though. I came out of a store a few days ago, and parked right next to me was this adorable little car. First one like this I had seen. It was stopping traffic, in fact a lady almost ran me over while gawking at it. A lot of peeps were stopping to take a gander, I guess they had never seen one either. But I was the only one who had a camera.

This close up fills 3 categories. The color blue, the reflection of my car wheel, and the shadow of my hands.

And then there is my ever favorite blue, right above me. I never tire of the changing blues of the big wide sky.

Those Hanging Lights

I couldn't stop thinking about those lights I saw last time at Anthropologie. Husband hinted that he might buy me some for my birthday in a few days. "Some" as in two or three, as where would you hang just ONE that it wouldn't look odd. He knows me so well, as I never buy just one of anything, but a cluster or a group! HA
So I take a peek in the catalog and can't quite believe my failing eyesight, so go online and yes it is true, they are $148.00 each. The real name for them is Mechanics Beacon light, but they aren't vintage, just "Inspired by Vintage", and imported...but it does not say from where. I don't know why I was surprised by the price as it is so "Anthro" but actually I have gotten some accessorie things there that seem quite reasonable in price. But I could never justify that price for a few hanging pendants. Sooo..glad I have a photo of them. Take a look...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That Fine Blue Wall

Every time I go into Anthropologie I am drawn straight to this blue wall. They change the display every month or so, and I love seeing whatever they put in front of it and the shadows that are cast upon it. Today they had a collection of hanging lamps, very low tech...they look like cages just hung on brown extension cords. Interesting, kind of like bare bulb shop lights. But the wall...hmmm. A photo just does not do the color justice. Even w/o a flash it looks more washed out than it really is. It is kind of a chalky blue, that looks like gesso was the undercoat in places. I keep imagining how I can duplicate a color like that as a background for a canvas or a journal page.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Stitching

Still having fun with Hello Kitty. Decided if I left her out on the table I could stitch stuff daily. Hopefully scraps and thread won't end up in the small space I left for the hubster to sit down and eat his dinner. LOL Note to self: Must clean work table off again, so I don't spread into the kitchen!

Work table scraps over magazine pages, randomly tossed and stitched.

I like the simplicity of this one, but yet it doesn't feel quite "done". Can always toss some paint at it later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Sister

Today is my Dear Sisters birthday. I called her yesterday, and again today. I may call her again tonight. I miss her. I wish we lived in the same town, like we did so many years ago. We could go out shopping together, or to Starbucks for a treat, or just hang out. Here is what I made and sent to her.

A hanging card.

Back side of the hanging card.

Paper quilt with ribbon hanger.

Back side.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Me And Hello Kitty

I've finally been getting some projects done. A few things that I had started here and there. I decided to spend the month of August just focusing on actually "finishing" some things. For far too long my brain has been scattered, and I have just been starting things, then moving on to starting more things. We shall see how long I can sustain the momentum. Got my wee sewing machine out over the week-end and just started stitching stuff. Playing really, but with several things I had started earlier then set aside. Finished a few things to send to my sis for her birthday next week. Still didn't find one of the pieces I started for her B.D. last year and didn't finish. Hmmm...this is fun. I think Kitty will stay out for awhile.