Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm ICADing as Fast as I Can

I've still been managing to get one a day done, here's the ones from the 25th through the 30th.

25th. Loved the colors of this gift card from Target. Didn't turn out very well, but here you have it anyhow!

26th. Loving roosters, red and turquoise. The photo makes the color look more blue than it actually is. Card from a favorite restuarant.

27th. Doodling with the Pitt pens, "landscape" colors set.

28th. Collage, micron pen drawing. Prompt: Freedom

29th. Large sponge stamp, Pitt pens in the "landscape" colors set. Prompt: Owl

30th. Cut up an Arizona Iced tea can.


  1. These are all great! I love the rooster and the one done with the landscape colors.

  2. Very pretty, all! I especially like the doodle and the mangoes.