Monday, July 4, 2011

It's The Fourth of July

Feeling patriotic with the cards over the week-end.

2 July. This one turned out totally different than what I thought when I started it.

3 July. This one I call Whee..whee. I was thinking about the Geico commercial where the little pig cried all the way home, with the pinwheels. Kinda goofy I know.

4 July. Made from foil wrappers from Hershey's kisses.

No fireworks for this 4th. Burn ban because of our severe drought. Not even a public fireworks display. Going to eat B-B-Q then watch the Boston Pops.


  1. Definitely patriotic and definitely fantastic!!

  2. I really like the flag ICAD, and of course the fact that the flag is of recycled chocolate wrappers!!! Sorry about the lack of fireworks (and the drought) for your independence day!

  3. I love your 4th cards! Haven't posted to this site. Let's see if I can remember how. Hope you get a chance to post to your blogs now that you are a working woman.