Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Anthropologie Eye Candy

My silly, frivolous escape from the horrible things going on in the real world. If only for awhile. A walk through the Anthropologie with my camera. The Domain, Austin, Tx.

The seawall display at this one wasn't quite as elaborate as the one in San Antonio, but still nice.

These flowers were made from torn strips of heavy watercolor paper.

Park bench and pots

Nice cupboard with recipe written on papered inside.

Cute plates

How about having this wall of metal boxes for a huge room divider?

Sleep shirt. Love this bird on a wire fabric.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never Enough Anthropologie

The Shops at La Cantera is the location of this Anthropologie. When I got there I realized I had neglected to download my camera card, and didn't have an extra. So I was madly trying to delete some photos so I'd have room for Anthro photos. Didn't get a lot of shots, but I will be going back there for sure. Hubby and I will be going to San Antonio more often this year.

Wooden Hangers and Clothespins form these flowers. Aren't they delightful?

Looking from the indside out, across the courtyard. I really like the silhouette of these, even though the photo is dark.

A very cool display made of cut up blue jeans, with some succulents planted in a few of the openings.

Hubby noticed this and really liked the woven burlap on this wall, which was also covered in burlap.

Bunnies, oh my!

A gorgeous sea wall theme, with fishing nets. This photo does not do justice to how wonderful this was.

On the left wall behind the boat, this corner had colorful cups attached to the net. Looked like beautiful fish just brought in from the sea.

This is Lindsay. She welcomed us to the store and was so sweet and kind to us. She showed us a lot of new things they had gotten in. We also chatted about visiting different Anthro stores around the country and even around the globe. How where we go on vacation depends if they have an Anthropologie store there! I hope she doesn't mind this photo, she was running from me when I tried to snap an earlier one, but she did pose for this one. Thanks Lindsay, for all your help.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring at Anthropologie

Wow, here we are, it's March. I have had no time for shopping, window or otherwise! What with physical therapy for my shoulder, helping hubby with the business, and a lot of other busy stuff. Well, I was in Anthropologie withdrawal, so I finally made it downtown last week. They were still working on their new displays so I didn't get too many photos, but will show what I did get. This is the downtown location in Austin.

Entrance bench.

Window from entrance side. If you can't tell, these flowers are made of the paper covered wire hangers.

Window from Lamar Street

Look what those clever people did with Japanese masking tapes! Top section of glass door cabinet.

Lower section

Cool houses and pillows

Speaks for itself..fabric jewelry. Love!

These were little bits of wood blocks and scraps, clever. Hard to tell from the photo, the dimension. If the tall hubby had been with, I might have had him take the photo, straight on.

That's it for now. Check back tomorrow for my week-end trip to San Antonio, and you guessed it...Anthropologie!