Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anthropologie in The Domain

This store is in a more upscale shopping mall, it is smaller, and has a different vibe than the one downtown. They always have music playing, which may or may not be to my taste, but they play it too loud regardless. I guess their target demographic totally misses my age group. Like most stores these days. HaHa

Anyhow, they were just starting their displays too, so my timing could have been better. They had one wall in one room that was changed so far. I notice that I did not get a shot of the entire wall, just sections at a time.

Left section.

Close-up of above.

Notice the painting in the first two? Well this is what they did to it. That made it great, for me anyhow.

Middle section. I really like that chair.

Third section, still in progress.

This fabric on the wall felt like "felt". I like the way it was painted, photo can't do it justice.

Pretty necklace, but I really took the photo for the stand. They actually make most of their props, and this was no exception.

Oh, I actually did make a purchase. I had seen these bracelets when they first came in, and they were $58. For two. Needless to say, I left them there, and apparently a lot of other folks did as well. They were in the Sale Room marked down to $19.99 for two. Much more to my liking so I bought them. I actually got just one set in this color and another in black and cream.

Every Anthropologie that I have gone to always has live plants in their displays. I think these are some kind of shamrock plant. I've always loved them. What was kind of neat is they had them in these cheapie pressed glass bowls that I used to see in drugstores and Woolworths. When I was a little girl of course.... You have to click on the photos above to see the pressed glass bowls. In this display they are in these really pretty clay urns.

Friday, July 22, 2011

And now for something different

It's been awhile since I've taken you with me to Anthropologie. I've been there lately, but the displays either haven't been that interesting, or haven't changed. Right now they all seem to be working on their end of Summer leading into Fall/Back to School. Both stores I visited this week are "in process". The gals promised me they would be "awesome" by next week, or finished by the week after next. Can't remember for sure as I did a "shoot and run" at both stores. This one on Thursday. It is downtown, so I was able to run into Whole Foods for breakfast and spend a bit of time at Paper Source as well. I was a Happy Girl. Three of my favorite places in a cluster. West Elm is there also, but that requires a visit all unto itself.

Side window from the street. I always like this window as it has the palm fronds framing it.

Front entrance window. Large design was painted on window, hanging behind was cut out paper. Notice the turquoise and orange color combo?

Inside the same entrance window.

They had just started this one. Four or five people running around in all directions, setting things up. Ladders everywhere.

I think this one wasn't quite finished either. Check out the "spools" they had the clothes hanging on. I have a few of those spools left from my "country" decorating days. They had several frames with fabric cut outs in them, parts of shirts. Cute.

I think I'll post the other store tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Still Keeping Up!

I'm happy to report I am still getting my index cards done. I'm quite pleased with myself, as I usually do have such a hard time with "follow through". I took Sunday off this week. I've had a few ideas for ones for the rest of the week. I keep forgetting about the prompts that are provided for us every week. I hope to explore them soon, just to give them a try.

Here are the past two days. Perhaps you can guess what kind of mood I've been in. I am not much of a T.V. watcher, but this time of year I do have a couple of favorites and I take my viewing of them very seriously! LOL Everyone knows not to call me when my shows are on. A few of my friends watch the same shows, so we text each other during the commercials.

The Closer

Tuesday song of the day, lyrics by Robert Earl Keen. In honor of Memphis Beat.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Party Card

Oh Dear, Oh Dear...I forgot my Celebration card. I'm also not sure how to correctly do a link, back to the ICAD site, but I will try.
Not a linky, but someday I will learn.

My collection of 30 cards done so far.

Halfway Through The ICAD Project

Well, the people who started June first have 45 cards. I didn't hear about it until later, so I started on the 16th, and have 30 cards. I have really enjoyed doing this project, for a couple of reasons. It has gotten me back in the habit of creating daily, which makes me feel happy. Also, I am "revisiting" my art supplies, and reorganizing them and trying out some old techniques I hadn't used in a long time. It's so fun to see what other people are doing as well. I really want to learn to do zentangles now, and I want and need to practice my sketching skills. This should bring me up to date, including the celebration card for the Halfway mark. I had a migraine this morning so am still feeling a little loopy from the meds I had to take, so the card I did today may be a little off balance. But most days I myself am a little off balance, and that's just the way it is.

10 July, collage

11 July, Picture from Anthro catalog, a sticker and white pen.

12 July, collage, rubberstamping.

13 July, collage

14 July, I love Hello Kitty, that's all!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Still in the Game

Hey Folks,
I'm still in the ICAD challenge, have been doing, just haven't had time to photo and upload. I took these late in the day yesterday, the light wasn't really good, so I'll do the rest today. I know scanning would be the way to go for better effects, but grabbing the camera is so much quicker.

5 July.. B&W papers, Japanese masking tape.

6 July.. Tim Holtz tape background, Sparkly stickers.

7 July.. Spritzed background, collage.

9 July.. Felt background, stitched, embellished. This is my Magic Carpet Ride!

This one didn't photograph well, I may have to re-do it. It looks fabulous in person, IMHO! LOL

I took the 8th as my "no card" day as I was out of town.

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's The Fourth of July

Feeling patriotic with the cards over the week-end.

2 July. This one turned out totally different than what I thought when I started it.

3 July. This one I call Whee..whee. I was thinking about the Geico commercial where the little pig cried all the way home, with the pinwheels. Kinda goofy I know.

4 July. Made from foil wrappers from Hershey's kisses.

No fireworks for this 4th. Burn ban because of our severe drought. Not even a public fireworks display. Going to eat B-B-Q then watch the Boston Pops.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This weeks ICADs

I'm really enjoying doing these cards. Some are taking 5-10 minutes, some a bit longer. I'm really glad I started, as it is getting me back in the habit of actually finishing some little thing every day. I need that..instead of starting things, then walking away and starting something else, which I tend to do.

Starbucks fliers and other bits of papers.

Altered photo of the Mockingbird nest outside my front door. Blogged about it on my other blog. Click the link in the sidebar if you want to read about the bird/egg saga.

List of my out and abouts for the day.

Cutting and pasting scraps while watching tv.

self explanatory.