Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paper Makes Me Smile

Just a few of the goodies from Paper Source. A very cool store, sells a lot of what else, PAPER stuff! I was happy to see that they got in some Japanese Washi tape. They had just gotten in 4 packages, my friend and I bought them all. They told us they would order more designs.

Stencil 101 in smaller designs for paper. Yay! I have the regular size. I adore the Deer Stag one.

I made an impromptu little gallery(on the Wall, in the Hall) with the Japanese tape and photos from slides my Dad took back in the 50's in Las Vegas. This tape is fun because it is removable and does not seem to leave a residue. Hubby says "Oh no, now she'll be taping stuff to walls everywhere". Probably... At least till I get bored with that.

Forgot to mention, the Paper Source bag is as gorgeous as the stuff they put in it. Very nice to cut up for journal pages or whatever. Don't waste a bit.

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  1. I've been offline for a few days and just now got back. Love all the goodies you got. I'm the same way about pretty bags....I save them for art, too. Heck, I even save the Paper Source catalogs and have used them to cover some boxes in my office!