Saturday, July 24, 2010

For The Love of Anthropologie

My Favorite recurring fantasy dream, is that I live inside an Anthropologie store. I don't care which one. I've removed most all the clothing, and my art stuff is everywhere. of course I have left my favorite displays, books, cabinets, furniture, etc. and hung a lot of my own collections around. In each of their "vignettes" I have a space for working on art. One for sewing, one for paper, one for jewelry and metal stuff. One for large wood things, stacks of boxes, etc. And of course a big sturdy ladder, for reaching and decorating to the rafters. Ah, I'd hang a collection of chairs from the rafters. This particular Anthropologie store has really HIGH rafters. And very bright lights!

These are the spring/summer displays so far. This is the first one you see inside the front door.

Be still my heart! If it is turquoise I melt. Same pots, different color.

More greenery and a cool wall display.



Houseware dept.

Owlies..Oh my!

Dyed, rolled paper

The blue painted wall I always take a shot of. It's a bit ordinary this time.

I love their lampshades. How cool is this one wrapped in twill tapes?

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