Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Another Addiction

Now that I am back into making jewelry again, and have finally located all my tools, I have gone bananas over the Industrial Chic stuff at Michaels. I hit four Michaels stores today. Happily, they have restocked. Of course I have been staking out this stuff for weeks, and all the employees know me. Which is not necessarily a good I can't use a coupon, then leave and go right back in and use another one. LOL But if the Hubster is with me...well, I can talk him into using one, so that doubles the Chic I can get in one visit. Yesterday, he even volunteered to stop on his way to the golf course and pick up one for a friend of mine. What a sweetie pie, eh? He indulges most of my whims.

Here it is, the little red car...back in stock.

This morning, one of the cute young guys who works at one of the locations was helping me try to find ones I didn't already have, and pointing out new ones. He even broke a couple of the pieces trying to show me how they opened. Here's todays haul.

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  1. I don't think I've seen these things. But then I don't look at the jewelry section all that much. I head straight for paper or art supplies and lose myself!