Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tape and More Tape

7 Gypsies Brand tape

I got a few new rolls of tape this week. I really love the red and yellow polka dotted one. It has a splotchy hand painted look. I am driving myself crazy trying to round up all the different tapes I have bought. My bad habits keep me searching for stuff all the time. I will grab something and take it into another room to use, then instead of taking it back where it came from, I will lay it down right there. Then it gets covered with something else and then it's lost. I keep thinking there is a ghost in this place, who keeps hiding my stuff...especially my Tim Holtz tape. I bought a package of the tissue tapes, brought it home, put it aways somewhere, then couldn't find it. I thought maybe I had just thought I bought it, so I bought another package. Now it is missing..never opened, never used. Grr...
This tray shows just a few of the ones I am trying to keep together, and several of the ones that I thought were there, are missing.


  1. Wow! You have some really great tapes. The question is, do you use them?? I buy pretty tape and then I don't want to use them!

  2. Yeah, I do use them. Except when I misplace them. HaHa. I can't justify buying many more of them though, just to tape stuff into journals. Seems like I should be making "precious" things with them because some of them are kind of pricey.