Friday, April 4, 2014

Road Trip to San Antonio

Wow, long time no stopping by, huh?  This had become my place to post Anthropologie photos for quite some time. I have still been going to Anthropologie, just not posting here.  I have  been putting them in my Flickr and the group I love Anthropologie.

Anyhow, took a road trip to San Antonio over the week-end for a wedding.  On Sunday before heading back to Austin, we went to the La Cantera mall for a visit to the Antropologie store there.

Entrance to the store

Balloon display from inside looking out towards mall.
We saw this gorgeous plant when we first came  in, there were several used as part of their display.  We asked an employee if she knew the name of it.  She sent over Chelsea, who offered to see if she could find out what it was.  She came back with several names of what it could be, but not quite.
Beautiful huge leaves
close-up of blooms

The lovely and helpful Chelsea. 

We had a very nice visit with Chelsea. I noticed her pear necklace right away. She collects them, as do I, so we talked about that, along with mine and hubbys' admiration for all things Anthropologie, and our travels and visits to all the Anthro stores.
A few shots of displays.  Notice how I am always drawn to the green and blue?
bamboo and reeds/cattails?

Giant clock display behind one of the desks

A few green ceramics

Mirrors hung from bamboo rod supported with metal hardware
The mirror I have
Lamp with rope base
Patient hubby
Check back for my next post regarding the Serendipity of my finding out the name of the mysterious plant above.  Since it has taken me all week to get this post done, I need to save the plant story for another post.


  1. Replies
    1. Like a museum to me because they are all a little different, depending on the city.

  2. I've missed your Anthropologie trips! And I'm very late getting here for this one. As always you show us so many good things. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I sure wish they'd build an Anthropologie store near you! Have you ordered their catalog yet? Good collage fodder in them.