Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little White Houses

Well, here are the last of the little white houses, the ones inspired by the Isle of Santorini.  This very small Anthropologie store in Boise, Idaho is fast becoming one of my favorite Anthropologies.   Boise is my old home town, and will hopefully, sooner than later, become my once again, where I live town.
From across the street.  This is in an old building in downtown Boise.
Some up, some down. With me, and other things, reflected.
Side view from inside the store.

A couple other shots from this store.
Rabbit and Deer ceramics.  I really liked both, but did not buy.  Just took a photo.

Me and the rearranged alphabet cups.

Remember the wall of mirrors from the last post, the store in St.Charles?  Well, Hubby bought me this one, with the braided rope strap, for my birthday.  He wants us to try and repeat this installation at home. Hopefully on a smaller scale.  Most of the mirrors I already have are square or rectangle, but I do have a couple of round ones, now this one.   I suppose this will start a quest to obtain a few more round ones.  I really like those hooks they have them hanging from as well.

That's it for Anthropologie for awhile. I suppose their next window displays will be for the Holidays.  Hopefully, I will get the call to come and help build the elements.


  1. That's a great mirror and I'm sure you'll figure out how to make a fun display using your others. I bet your home looks like an Anthropologie display window!!

    1. Well I am trying. You know I always say I want to live in Anthropologie. I have bought a few things there.

  2. You couldn't move there unless they had an Anthropologie! Ha ha. I know where you got that idea to spell your name with the cups! ;) That's a cool mirror... will be fun to go on a hunt for more to go with it!

  3. I love the reflection picture