Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Remember that song by Judy Collins that those of us of a certain age listened to?    In reference to the fact that it has been a long time since I've shared my Anthropologie shots with you.  This blog has become mostly that.  But I did not realize how deeply I am feeling the sentiment of time passing, until I typed the title for this post.  That song must have been in my subconscious and there it popped out, so I went to listen to it. Just as beautiful as I remember it. I am reflecting a lot lately, having had my 70th birthday just a mere 10 days ago.  I don't usually think much about birthdays, but passing from one decade to another seems to be thought provoking.

Well, here's the news from the Anthropologie stores.. First in Austin, where I got to help build the houses.

There are always refreshments at the store workshops. 
Here we glued pre-cut cardboard shapes to build houses, then painted them and then added stucco to them.  It was a fun, messy good time.
The finished display in the windows. Front of store, with some houses outside, then close up of outside houses. Part of my head is in the lower corner.
Window on corner of 6th and Lamar St. Austin, TX
Next up, my travels to Idaho and Chicago, where I visited the other stores to see how they had done their displays, using the same theme.


  1. Great song! I'm listening to it as I type this comment. That food table looks delicious. And the little stucco houses are really interesting all hanging together. Makes me think of cliff dwellings in Colorado or Arizona.

  2. They do look like that don't they? Actually, I totally forgot what they told us they represented. It was the Greek Isle of Santorini. Had to go look at photos of it. I will be posting the pics I took in 3 other stores. Same houses, but they did them a wee bit differently. Let me know what you think.

  3. So were those snacks for you worker bees or the customers or both? I find it hard to believe that you are 70. You don't look it; you don't act it; must be a typo.

    1. They were for the worker bees. A few customers who were shopping in the area kept eyeing them though, and also what we were doing. When asked if they wanted to join in, most said no, but a few did join.

      Birthdays are something else aren't they? I'd just as soon not think about the numbers, because I find it hard to believe as well.