Friday, September 2, 2011

The Summer of ICAD Has Come to a Close

This is it. I am finished with the challenge. I can't believe I managed to last to the end. I am having mixed feelings about continuing on with the new one that started on Sept. 1st. One the one hand, this challenge got me to do the only creating I actually did all summer. So that is a good thing. And I really started to enjoy the small "index card" format, even the flimsy cards, and the "NOT preciousness" of them. However, I think I need a bit of a break. But, if I do, can I continue to create on my own? Well, I'll decide in the next day or two. I already did a card yesterday and today, so I won't get too far behind if I decide to commit to the next two months.

Here they are...Wish I could put them in a grid, but I don't know how.

Whew! That's a lot. There are some missing, ones I did while in Chicago. It was hard for me doing them on the road, because I could only carry a few supplies with me. Difficult for me to I am mainly a collage kind of gal. The ones from August 17th through the 20th are on the Flickr site. They were nothing to write home about..if you know what I mean. But I am proud of myself for managing to get them done while away.


  1. I think your index cards are some of the best ones I've seen. Your collages are so beautiful.

  2. Another great series of cards! I always looked forward to seeing yours. I've decided to keep playing for now. I too am afraid that I won't create as much on my own. Nights when I didn't feel like making art I forced myself to make an index card and more often then not after 5 minutes I was in the groove and creating happily for an hour or more on all kinds of projects. Without the ICAD commitment I would have gone to bed. Whether you play along or not, I'll be visiting here frequently to see what you're up to! -Karen

  3. These are lovely! What a great way to document the days.

    I went to your Flckr page - a grid would be beautiful . . .

  4. Well you should be proud! especially maintaining while traveling. Easy to say I'll do some when I get back. It is fun to look at the work and remember little moments that are special to that card because they evoke something that was happening at the time. Continued success!!

  5. Seriously challenging...committing to anything "a day" demands focus, the simple act of showing up. From the samples you're shown, you clearly did not phone your assignments in...each stands as a viable, separate, accomplished piece of art. Congratulations.