Wednesday, September 7, 2011


With the exception of a couple of pair of shoes and my reading glasses, you won't find much red in my life at all. I hardly ever use it in my artwork. So this continuing set of ICADS seemed like a double challenge for me. But I took a deep breath and added my name to the list. Red does not HAVE to be used in each one, there are additional prompts as well. But once you hear the word, it's kind of hard to put it out of your mind, at least for me it is.

Here is what I usually buy, colorwise:

I had to search a long time to find this old Chalk Ink pad in Warm Red. Likewise a couple of bottles of red from Golden sets. Then I went and bought the Liquitex tube of Pyrrole Crimson, and another jar of some kind of bright red.

My first set of Red cards. I am not wild about any of these cards. But, remember, I am trying to NOT rely on collage so much, so that is an extra challenge thrown into the mix.
You will see off to the right a notebook cover I did using red. It's a sketch book for my nephew.


  1. Your cards look great. I like the quote about the chess pieces.

    I find I use red more in my art than I do in my life....but I'm not continuing on with the index cards. Three solid months was enough for me!

  2. I find I've been using reds, oranges and browns more in my work. I go more for blues, greens and pinks, usually.

    In fact, I just used a couple of your Starbucks stickers in my ICADs for September. Just blogged about it today. I decided to go for the challenge one more month. I stopped, and then found I was missing the daily artwork. It's almost like physical exercise for me.

    Hope this finds you well!