Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's go to Anthropologie

I haven't done a post about Anthropologie in quite awhile. I visited two of the stores while in Chicago. One was in one of those really nice malls in the city of Geneva. The other was downtown. I'd like to have gone to more of them, but just ran out of time. They were both interesting, and each one different. Remember, images are clickable to view larger.
In Geneva Commons:
Rather ordinary exterior for an Anthro store.

A huge installation of wooden hangers over the registers. Photo does not do it justice, it was much cooler in person.

On a narrow post they had used these for photo display.

Wall of torn fabric strips.

Close-up torn fabric strips, the fabrics were very opulent.

Always love their mirror displays. Always!
Reflecting light fixtures in center of store.

Hubbys legs & boots.

This clipboard display wall would be fun to use as an Inspiration board.

Big board of spectacle frames.

My favorite of course.

I'll do Downtown Chicago store in the next post.


  1. The torn fabric strips, opulent indeed. I, of course, imagine them growing dusty but put that thought aside and enjoy the idea, the execution, the pure Anthropologie-ness of it. And clipboards - yes, one could really do a great inspiration board using this technique. There is something very fun about clipboards.

  2. Well yes, there is that. Along with those creepy little dust mites, and allergies. But when I enter Anthro-land, all reason and practicality fly from my brain. I get lost in the fantasy that it would be swell to live there. And of course there would be NO dust, as little fairies would come in each night and wave their magic wands.