Monday, September 28, 2009

Funky Blue Malaise

That's what I've been in for the past week. First the allergies kicked in, mold, oak pollen, etc. whatever else, it does me in. So that makes me feel like sleeping all the time, even though I don't, I still feel like I'm moving in slow motion. I am a task driven person, so when I don't get my stuff done, I feel bad. Add to that not being able to do even a wee bit of art, after a few days I feel the effects, and get a little cranky. So I decided to do a little work in the garage, organized, cleaned off an old shelf, decided to paint it. All the moving about did a number on my damaged shoulder, so I haven't been able to sleep comfortably. Don't like adding pain killers to the allergie meds so have just been suffering. Poor hubby.......when I am cranky he gets cranky. Friday night he came home and saw what a mess I was in, so after dinner he grabbed me and fairly tossed me into the car and off we went on a drive downtown, a walk and photo shoot.

Some of the results.

Inside a darkened closed Carpet Gallery.

Us, reflected.

Discovered a new shop that had amazing things that were just our style. How cute would this little green cafe set look on my front porch? Even with the pink table.

On the way home, the skies are amazing. The Frost Tower and reflection of sky.

Back home, on the porch with an iced tea, and the sunset.

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