Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anthro Obsession

No trip would be complete without searching out the local Anthropologie. It's an art experience in itself, like going to a museum. This one was in a mall, and was a really large store, so had an overwhelming array of eye candy. Not only would I love to just live in one of their stores, I think it would be so much fun to be on one of their design teams. Imagine playing with all that recycled stuff they use!

Their wall finishes are divine, here's my "blue" again.

Love these staghorn ferns and the wall finish.

This tree was awesome, it was a real trunk, and the strips hanging down were pleated and gathered fabric, and there were some light globes in it also.

Collection of mirrors.

One room was decorated with vintage wallpapers that were torn and peeled and the effect was really great.

This was pieces of cardboard painted different colors. Have seen similar in my local Anthro.

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  1. Love love love that first pic of the blue....it's just perfect as a background for all those crystal, silver and coppery looking items. The tree reminded me of one I drew about a year ago!