Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Month nine, day nine, year 09...I love these repeating numbers. There is a name for that, but it escapes me right now. I am not really into numerology, or doomsday prediction hoaxes. I just like repetitive things. Years ago I did have my chart done, for numerology and astrology, but have forgotten most of it. Other than knowing that today is the release date for the remastered Beatles collection, and the Beatles Rock Band game, and that 9 is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and UNlucky in Japanese culture, I couldn't tell you much about these numbers. This year I have been more focused on double digits, as this is the year that the hubster turned 55, and a week ago I turned 66. I did do a numerology look-up and here's what I found about those two numbers.

55 It is extremely freedom-loving, and likes to travel. It is social, but can also be selfish and lonely. It represents success for anyone in sales.

66 Generous to a fault, this number brings financial ups and downs. It is extremely loyal and loving. Often successful in spite of itself.

But this morning,in keeping with the 9-9-9 hoopla, the hubster did leave the house at 9 a.m. with a promise to call me at 9 p.m. tonight. I have the day to putz around artistically, maybe get a journal page finished to commemorate the day.

I leave you with this photo I took of the Peace Lantern in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if there were peace in the world in my lifetime and yours? It seems doubtful some days, but I still cherish the hope that it will one day be a reality. Hmmmm...I am having an internal blogger problem right now, and can't upload any photos. So the Peace Lantern will hopefully come later.

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  1. I love numbers and have played around with numerology in the past. I hope you figure out what's wrong with blogger. Isn't it frustrating when things don't work!!