Thursday, August 27, 2009

Those Hanging Lights

I couldn't stop thinking about those lights I saw last time at Anthropologie. Husband hinted that he might buy me some for my birthday in a few days. "Some" as in two or three, as where would you hang just ONE that it wouldn't look odd. He knows me so well, as I never buy just one of anything, but a cluster or a group! HA
So I take a peek in the catalog and can't quite believe my failing eyesight, so go online and yes it is true, they are $148.00 each. The real name for them is Mechanics Beacon light, but they aren't vintage, just "Inspired by Vintage", and imported...but it does not say from where. I don't know why I was surprised by the price as it is so "Anthro" but actually I have gotten some accessorie things there that seem quite reasonable in price. But I could never justify that price for a few hanging pendants. Sooo..glad I have a photo of them. Take a look...

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