Thursday, August 6, 2009

Me And Hello Kitty

I've finally been getting some projects done. A few things that I had started here and there. I decided to spend the month of August just focusing on actually "finishing" some things. For far too long my brain has been scattered, and I have just been starting things, then moving on to starting more things. We shall see how long I can sustain the momentum. Got my wee sewing machine out over the week-end and just started stitching stuff. Playing really, but with several things I had started earlier then set aside. Finished a few things to send to my sis for her birthday next week. Still didn't find one of the pieces I started for her B.D. last year and didn't finish. Hmmm...this is fun. I think Kitty will stay out for awhile.


  1. Now you're showing off! Actually finishing projects! Who ever heard of such a thing!! :-) I should take a page from your book and finish up some of my own projects. It was actually cooler today and I enjoyed it so much. I felt human again!

  2. Ha! You little stinker, you finish projects each and every day, with your wonderful journal pages. This is a new and novel thing for me lately. Hope I can keep it up.