Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!

My stencil workshop is back in business!

I'm so happy to report that the rain stopped, and the wind slowed down to 8 miles an hour. I was finally able to spend a few hours in the back yard happily spraying away. I was beginning to think the elements were going to defeat me forever. Even with 5 to 8 mile an hour winds I ended up doing a lot of running about to catch the pages that blew away if I didn't weight them down with paint cans. But at least they stayed in my own yard, not the neighbors 3 doors down. The best time for spraying is with NO wind at all....but that hasn't happened here in Texas in ages. Anyhow, I spent several hours both Monday and yesterday out there until I was exhausted, but got a lot of good backgrounds and some pages I am happy with. Today is the last day of relatively cool weather so I am going at it again today. Tomorrow and into the week-end we are supposed to be back in the 90's and high humidity. Sounds like hibernation time for me, and maybe I can get some inside artwork done. Pictures later today, I have so many pages I can't decide which to choose.

1 comment:

  1. Yea!! Now can you tell me where you found the "off" switch or at least the "slow" switch! We still have a lot of wind and spraying is a challenge.

    I'll check back to see your photos.