Friday, May 22, 2009

But WAIT, there's more!

Don't you love it when you are watching a commercial for some odd thing that they assume we are all waiting by the phone to call in for, and they say "But wait, there's more"? Call in the next 5 minutes, etc. etc. That is one of our many favorite one liners around here, when telling someone a story, we add, "But wait, there's more." Goofy, but it makes me laugh!

Here's a few more pages in various progress. I am trying to get lots of "beginnings" done while the weather holds out, because once it turns hot again, I will not be outside any more than I have to.


  1. Oh, OK. I'm posting a comment. These stencils are beautiful. I really like the bird.

  2. I had a chuckle over the tv announcer stuff. They do make it sound good!

    I have that same bird! Don't you just love it. And your stag looks great on the burst of rays. I like that water tower, too.