Thursday, March 4, 2010

Filling The Well

Since spending so much time watching the Olympics had me neglecting other things around here, I really needed to play catch up. Have been cleaning, sorting, I guess I am preparing for the inevitable chore of "spring cleaning". Cleaning and sorting, as always, means mostly the piles of ART supplies and uncovering all the unfinished projects I seem to leave in my wake. So the past couple of days while HUB was out of town, I moved a lot of stuff around. It could also be called re-filling the well, artistically. Just putzing and playing, filing more ideas in my head, while I try to make a clean surface to start some more projects. Oh no, I didn't mean that! I meant...FINISH some of the projects that are half-way there. LOL
It seems like all I show here are things in progress or unfinished. I do finish some things, I really do. I just got some photos back and put them in an album to send to a friend, and actually SENT them.

Here's just a few things I did over the past few days. Things I actually photographed.

Sharpened fat pencils while watching the last of the Olympics

Layed these out to do journal page about our big "snow day". Little girl has snow swirling round her, she is from an Anthropologie catalog. Isn't she sweet?

Picked these up at the clearance aisle. Have a project in mind for these, and it is NOT cookies.


  1. There's something about a bunch of freshly sharpened pencils that always appeals to me. I hope you show us the snow page when you finish pressure!

  2. I don't recall when it was, but I do remember the feeling of "abundance" the first time I bought a box of a dozen pencils and brought them home and sharpened them ALL and stood them up in a glass jar on my desk. I still get that feeling every time I see all my pencils together, newly sharpened. Yum