Monday, January 25, 2010

I get the best doggone mail!

I love my Mail. Even on days I don't get any Mail ART, I can find pleasure in even the junk mail, because I can usually cut it up to make something else. The mail has been kind of slow ever since the holidays, but the stream opened up and I got some really good stuff this past week. Sometimes the mail lady brings my packages to my door if she can see that I am home, she likes to comment on how cool they are!
Or if she knows I am waiting for something that is slow to get here.

Saturday she delivered this:

A Priority Mail envelope, stuffed full of great ephemera,for making journal pages and other artsy "stuff". From Nancy Lynn, from the RoD Journal class that Mary Ann is teaching. She sent old book pages, painted papers, ribbons and lace, and all kind of fun tid bits. Some of us in the group are swapping stuff with one another. How fun to get paper scraps and such from other parts of the world. Then, the decorated box is from one of my best Mail Art pals, full of wonderful stuff. Rubber stamps, paper, fabric, all manner of "stuff". I just love "stuff"...HaHa At any rate, it was a veritable explosion of pretties for me to fondle and drool over for the week-end.

Today, I got all this! Been waiting for the one from Canada, the other two were surprises. A very good start to my week I'd say.

Earlier last week, I got this "stuff" from Melissa. Great clip art book, and she also sent me some ATC's she's getting rid of from the old days of ArtErratica exchanges. One of mine was even in there.

How cool is this packaging? Hot pink tissue, tied with blue chenille rick-rack.

Does anyone think I need a new word for "STUFF"? Geez, some days my vocabulary does seem rather limited.

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  1. Yikes! You've got a treasure trove there! Snail mail is the best!!