Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Week-end

I hope everyone is recovering from whatever way you celebrate your holidays. Hubby and I had what was probably the most relaxing Christmas ever this year. Most years we like to keep it pretty simple anyhow, but with this past years challenges, we were really determnined to do so. We stayed home, watched a few Christmas movies, and just enjoyed quiet times. Sounds boring I know, but it was very restful. Lots of coffee, chocolate, and snacks, so we both still have a sugar rush. Ever notice how once you start eating sweets it is hard to stop? We haven't set an actual date to stop yet, but we have discussed cutting back. Ha Ha

Sammy T.Squirrel says Merry Christmas

On Christmas eve, while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, I strung this little garland. The papers are from the Ferrero Rocher candies hubby brought home. Thankfully I have other people eating these and saving the cups for me.


  1. I can definitely relate to the sugar high!! Actually just rich foods in general. Now I feel as if my body wants nothing but fresh fruits and veggies!

    Are you sure you have others helping you with those candy cups?? :-)

  2. HA! Well probably not enough...if you could see the new bunch of them piling up beside my computer. I gave a big box of those candies to a neighbor, and I thought it might be tacky to ask for the wrappers back, but she saw my garland and said..."oh, I'll be happy to save the papers if you want more"...she knows me pretty well.

    Yes...VEGGIES..I am really hungry for some, since they have been lacking in my diet of late.