Sunday, July 12, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

If this is true, I have this art down to a science. I have been practicing the art of "self-sabotage" for the past few months. I am getting better and better at it. You see I have piled every flat surface of every work area I used to have for myself. Piled it high. Towers of leaning supplies. This way and that way, falling to the floor if I create a slight breeze by walking by it. So is it any wonder that the most creative I have been lately is to go out and buy even more supplies. Start more projects. Set those aside and start even more. My mind is reeling with ideas of things I want to do. But I have made it all but impossible to actually sit down and do an actual project. So I start another, on the kitchen table or the island. Then of course I have to move it so I can prepare or eat a meal. So then that one gets pushed aside, in a pile of unfinished projects. Then I get another idea and am off and running to start yet another project. That of course usually requires a visit to the craft or art supply store for more supplies to go off in yet another direction. Now I think I should be smart enough to figure this out, but I'm baffled by why I can't seem to get it together this summer. I made a lot of plans for getting many indoor projects done during the "hot season" , but they just aren't coming together as they should. There is no doubt a name for this syndrome...wonder what it is? I'm pretty sure I have AADD. But I think the reasons are more deep seated than this. Guess I'll go start another project while I ponder it.

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