Monday, July 20, 2009

I can resist anything BUT temptation

Well, I can usually resist most temptations, but having that big ole 50% coupon from Michaels is a hard one for me. I have been a really good girl, at least for a week, and stayed out of there. Well, then I get a 50% in my e-mail. OOOH the drama!!! For the longest time when I had a coupon, I would go in, buy the one thing I needed and then leave. But sometimes if I spend any time looking around I buy other things, which is of course, what they want you to do. Well here's the item I had been thinking of:

Which is really kind of funny, since I am not really a glitter kind of gal. I bought several large jars of Martha glitter last year, and did a few Halloween things. I haven't done a thing with them since, but take the jars out of the cabinet and admire them. Chances are that is what I will do with these new ones as well. But being the Magpie girl that I am, their sparkly goodness just kept calling to me every time I passed the Martha display. This time I was just overcome with greed and had to make them mine. Only at half price, understand? Just look at all those colors,if you enlarge you should be able to read the names of them. Oh, and can you also read that they are the Essential colors? Well of course they are. Now if someone could only keep reminding me I should actually use them to make something sparkle!!!

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  1. Hey glitter girl! Can't wait to see what you do with it.