Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Hibernation and Taking a Class

Welcome to Summer and my annual "hibernation" period.  I am making ready to stay inside as much as possible during July and August.  So here's the routine.  Out in the early a.m. to run errands and maybe sit in the garden for awhile.  By the time it is getting really hot, I'm inside, puttering around in the art room or doing some stitching.  Maybe some reading.  Anyhow...after sunset I may creep outside again, to visit with the neighbors or go hear some music someplace. Yes, that is how I plan my summers, here in Texas...where we say "yes we really do live on the face of the Sun". 

Artfully, I have not done a lot the past few months.  So I took the opportunity to sign up for a new class from Mary Ann Moss.  SKETCHBOOKERY   The class starts on Tuesday July 1st.  I have been reorganizing my work space so I have room to leave everything out and really concentrate on this.


  1. It's starting to get hot here, too. My schedule is much the same as yours. During the hottest part of the day I stay inside where it's cool and only go out when I absolutely have to.

    Enjoy the class! I'm not doing much art right now and not taking any big classes either. Maybe a small one here and there but that's about it.

  2. I decided instead of complaining about the weather, I would just accept it and adjust my schedule around it. Ha Ha