Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Museum that is Anthropologie

Well, I climbed out of the artistic rut I've been in, long enough to make another trek to Anthropologie. This time in Houston. My friend came in from Ohio and we spent a couple of days catching up. We also made a trip to two of the "fancy" malls in Houston for some retail therapy. Mostly looking for photo opps...but we did drop a few bucks in the Paper Source. I hope you are not sick of Anthro photos, cause that's all I got for now!!

Curved archway made of stretched frame of fabric. I'd love a wall of staghorn ferns.

Loved this bird wallpaper.

Pewter Animal Totem.

Hubby saw me drooling over this plate. I later saw him with an Anthro bag and then even later, found such bag in the car, including the plate.

Bicycle wheels with clear lights on them.

This was clever. Made from plastic spoons. Looks so cool in store, at home would be really fun to do an outside wall with lights shining up through the spoon globes.

Outside looking in, after dark. These circles appeared to me to be cut from waxed papers, vellums, glassine. It was really pretty, and so were the lightbulbs.


  1. I've so many comments I'll probably forget several of them! There is a display at the Observatory near me (I haven't been yet, but seen pictures) that someone took plastic spoons and made a huge wall hanging sculpture - the spoon wall art made me think of that. The show at the Conservatory is about recycling and such.

    I think I took a photo of that same animal totem -- it looks VERY familiar to me.

    That chandelier thing is HUGE! I wonder how they get things like that hung up. It must be some undertaking.

    Oh I love Paper Source. I don't think we have one in Columbus though. I should check. If we do it's in the mall way out on the northwest side of town. I loved visiting the ones when I'm in Texas.

    I love the little white lights on the wheels, that is so cute. Sparkly lights always seem to make things nicer.

  2. Yes, I do recall you taking a photo of that animal totem. We were kinda crazy that night with shooting photos of everything. Remember those people outside talking about me and why was I taking photos of the windows?