Thursday, June 16, 2011

ICAD challenge

The Index Card a Day Challenge started on June 1st, but I didn't read about it till about a week into in. You could start anytime but by at least the 16th. I bought cheap index cards. I haven't bought index cards of any kind for at least 10 years. I was really disappointed with the quality of these "cards". I don't know how they can even call them cards, as they are more like text weight paper. I thought, oh well, I will paint on them, gesso them, etc. they will be fine. NOT SO It was very irritating to me. I thought I'd just buy some more. Well, everywhere I checked seemed to have the same brand, or at least the same weight. Do you think I could find some "vintage" ones in this house that has more paper and cardstock than a paper factory??? Nope. So anyhow, I decided that I'd go ahead and accept not only the challenge to make one every day, but to deal with these crappy cards and make them work! HaHa..I'll see how it goes.

Trying to prepare some backgrounds in advance. Very absorbent and they curled.

My very first one.
This one I did in the car on the drive to Dallas. No, I wasn't the one driving, and it didn't take me the entire drive to do it.

Day 2, a little sketch in the hotel.

Day 3.

Day 4


  1. HAha, Very funny (the 1st index card statement).

    I like your sketch. That would be very pretty.
    Fun to read your blog. Makes me laugh (not the artwork, your humor.)

  2. "Vintage" index cards...Well, I have some from the 1970s, and let me tell ya, they're as flimsy as any you can buy right now! Maybe if I went back a few more decades.

    Many of the cards I have belonged to my husband's ex-GF, and have very fattening/non-healthy recipes on them. I can't believe what people used to eat a mere 30 years ago. LOL