Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tourist Site:Anthropologie

On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest to see family, we managed to sneak away for a short while to feed my obsession with Anthropologie stores. Fortunately I had already done my research and had the addresses of three stores in the areas we were going to be. My photo skills were really challenged on this first one. Wish I had better ones to show, but I forgot to use the flash in most of them. Sometimes the flash causes glare, but without it...well, you'll see.

This set was all taken at the Boise, Idaho store.

Window display, paper flowers on real branches. Flowers were cut from book pages and assorted tissue papers.

Giant basket full of scarves.

This is Frank. He was patiently waiting for someone while they shopped. In talking to him, I found out he had just moved to Boise from Houston. He was happy to meet some other Texans. He was a really nice guy.

This wall behind where the registers were, was the most awesome thing. The photos do not do it justice. It really blew me away. It was made of the spines of old books, and squares cut from aluminum soda cans. I think some of the squares were other metals too, can't recall exactly all of it.

It had an undulating curve about it where they made it dimensional.

I hope if you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see where they stapled the squares together.

Some of the longer strips appeared woven, but a lot were just squares stapled together. If I remember correctly the background was either canvas cloth or maybe burlap. Wish I had written down what the girl was explaining to me. I really wanted to take this piece home with me. If I could have all the stuff I see at their stores, I would just be living in an Anthropologie warehouse! And my gal pals could all come live there with me.

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