Sunday, April 18, 2010

Falling behind already

Spring is kind of bumming me out this year. I should be skipping and jumping for joy because so far we have had an amazingly cool, damp spring and the temperatures have been to my liking. There is a wonderful crop of wildflowers this spring. However I have not taken the time to shoot one single photo of them, I just enjoy glancing at them while driving down the road. I know I am letting all the circumstances of life get me down, but I am tired and worn out from trying to "be of good cheer" all the time. I have decided to just float along in my little melancholy balloon for awhile longer. Wrapped in my cocoon of sadness until I cannot stand myself and then I will glance up and there will be a clearing in sight and I will steer towards it.

I did some spring cleaning, but lost interest early on. I did just enough to make things look better on the surface, and that is not the point of spring cleaning, at least in my opinion. Hub has been teasing me about my "butterfly behavior" know, flitting from one thing to the next, never staying long enough to make much difference. So it got me to thinking about butterflies in a number of ways.

I half-heartedly did these die cuts at Archivers last Saturday, then on the way home saw two cute little girls with their Daddy flying a kite, so stopped and shot a photo.

Then on CBS Sunday morning they did a piece about the Monarch migration. This always makes me sad, as over half their habitat has disappeared because of de-forestation, and they don't seem to be able to control the illegal logging. I had always hoped to someday travel to that one area where they migrate to, and actually see them en masse. But every year their numbers decrease. More sadness, for the plight of these beautiful creatures.

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  1. Sorry you're feeling so down right now. Spring here has been really nice. We had a cold spell but it didn't last too long. Now it's in the low 70's and I love it....although now the winds are starting!

    Your little butterflies are so pretty. I understand your sadness about the monarchs. But I try to remind myself that everything has a birth, a middle, and a death. Even species. It doesn't make me feel any better most of the time but I try to remember it.