Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love That Anthropologie

After coffee at Whole Foods in the a.m., the Hubster and I took our first of the month stroll through the home goods section of Anthropologie. They were in the process of changing the displays out and getting the "Christmas" stuff up, so things were kind of everywhere and they were all busy little bees.

This bed had some of the pillows on it that we saw in last week's episode of Man Shops Globe.

I love their mirrors

These were very old mirrors attached to one another, kind of leaning precariously...wonder if that is where they are going to stay or were they just waiting to be hung?

After that we strolled through the new West Elm store for the first time and pretended we were just starting out and had bought a loft and were furnishing it with all contempary stuff. Totally opposite of the style of Anthropologie. HaHa Then we came home and admired our own 35 year collection of mix-matched stuff with all it's history attached.

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