Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who hit the Fast Forward button?

Whoa, what's going on here? What happened to October, how did it get this late so quickly? One of my favorite months is slipping through my fingers, and I can't make it stop! I unpacked my Halloween stuff a couple of weeks ago, and usually have the house decked out totally by now. Have been doing too much multi-tasking, and nothing ever gets completely finished that way, I have found. Ever notice how in order to get something done, usually something else has to be done first? You know, I started to hang those bat banners, but realized the window needed cleaning, then saw that the curtain could really use a washing, then there were some fingerprints around the door latch... then that made the whole door need cleaning...well maybe what it really needs is a fresh coat of paint. Hmmm. Well, I am not as good at cleaning house as I used to be, Oh well. Oh yes, now I need to run upstairs and get that other box of Halloween stuff I forgot about. Oh heck, maybe what I really need is another cup of coffee first.

Storage boxes of Halloween stuff

A cute box that shortbread came in. From about 5 years ago.

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